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Resident FAQ's
You have questions?  We have the answers!


Are there any city codes pertaining to the quality of our sidewalks?

Uneven sidewalks can definitely be a hazard!  The City of Brunswick does have a "Property Maintenance Code" that you  can find here:  In addition, our City Coordinator, on the Board, will be on the lookout for problems, such as uneven sidewalks, within our Association and address them with the home owner in a timely manner.



When are my yearly assessments due?

Yearly assessments are due on March 15 of each year.  After that time a late fee of $25 will be assessed in addition to the assessment fee.  Liens are filed and fees are assessed for those that do not pay their assessments.  Invoices are sent out in January for you to send in along with your payment.  Online payment options are available.


What do my yearly assessment dues cover?

Your yearly assessment fees pay for the upkeep of our common areas including mowing, mulching and plants as well as the maintenance and management of two pools, insurance costs, land taxes and all social activities.  When the budget runs short we are not able to maintain what we need to and not able to hold fun family activities!

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